little teapot is a place for parents and children to have fun and relax whilst learning and practising English. We have areas for reading, music,...dressing up and role play. Here children will be able to experience the English language through play and imagination. Also we will have weekly scheduled classes and workshops including “messy play” and cooking at the weekends! For newborns we offer baby massage 

You can spend rainy winter afternoons in our “Make and take” area, or why not do some English homework? We will be more than happy to help you.

Parents on the other hand will have free Wi-Fi, library, book club, conversation, access to English classes by level and much more!

Simply enjoy our Coffee breaks, take part in our discussions or work with your ipad whilst the kids play freely in the recreation area, participate in one of our workshops or practice English with Peppa Pig!

Relax with a cup of tea (or babychino for the younger ones) and have a good day in our English village! A magical place, where English will bring parents and children together. A trip to england is now on your doorstep!



We are a traditional English family, especially in today´s multicultural society, that could not resist the temptation to return to Donostia. We have two children, Sofia and James, both born in London.

Together we have great enthusiasm and we have created this dream that is little teapot, a fusion of tradition and new concepts, both English and Spanish.